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  • The Dice Box: Fantasy

    A monthly subscription created for Fantasy RPG fans, with stats for D&D 5E and Pathfinder in one box. Explore new towns, dungeons and adventures with The Dice Box.  Choose the plan that fits your table and gaming style!  The Dice Box: Space is available for preorder now, this product will feature adventures compatible with the upcoming Starfinder game first box set to ship in October 2017.

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  • The Dice Box: Space

    A monthly subscription created for the new Starfinder RPG.  Get ready to explore new worlds with The Dice Box.  Choose the genre & plan that fits your table and gaming! Available for Fantasy RPG settings!

    From: $21.99 / month Select options

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Welcome to The Dice Box. I am Chris, your GM and verbal maestro for your journey.  The Dice Box subscription is ready to roll and make its debut to the world at large. The first month’s contents are confirmed and I am so excited to share a sneak peek with you. “A Bad Day at Creshman’s Cove” is a fully functional one evening adventure for the Pathfinder and D&D 5E settings and will only be available through The Dice Box subscription.

Each month I create a new tabletop RPG adventure that can either run as a stand alone quest, or as a part of a year long campaign and it comes  with a reusable dry erase map. Then I find vendors and products to give you everything else you need to play right out of the box. Finally, there is no need to travel from game store to game store; looking for the next piece to an adventure that has already been made.

This subscription is not a loosely associated grouping of stuff built around a theme like many of the tabletop RPG subscription boxes that exist today. It is a full on out of the box gaming experience.  The adventures from the box are ready to slot into any campaign or run as a 12 month series of campaigns with an overarching menace.  Stop wasting your time with other gaming subscription boxes with mystery items and stick to the one product that you know what you’ll get every time – The Dice Box!

Wondering why you should get this subscription over the others?

Here is what’s planned to be in each and every box.

  • Complete adventure (10-20 pages)
  • Dry erase maps
  • Quick plot hook card
  • Inn/Shop/Location card
  • Handouts, miniatures, and any other materials you may need to run the adventure
  • Extras like dice, GM loot and other fun items that can enhance the fun at your gaming table

Come join the fun with The Dice Box!